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Sam Jacob Studio for architecture and design
is a collaborative practice that makes
buildings, places, strategies and objects.

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Alternative Instruments

Alternative Instruments   Alternative Instruments was created for Exhibit Columbus, in Columbus, Indiana. The project… Read More

The Electric Nemeton

The Electric Nemeton SJS have completed a new installation for Granary Square titled The Electric… Read More

Yantian Dolmen

Yantian Dolmen The Yantian Dolmen is part of a family of urban furniture elements for… Read More

NCC Masterplan

National Collections Centre Sam Jacob Studio were commissioned by the Science Museum Group to develop… Read More

Fragmented Follies

Fragmented Follies Fragmented Follies is a set of objects that are part landscape, part sculpture,… Read More

Broadwick Street Arcade

Broadwick Street Arcade Proposal for alterations to an existing block in London's West End. The… Read More

Kingly Court

Kingly Court We are working to give Kingly Court a striking new identity, improve its… Read More

Ruburbia Masterplan

Ruburbia Masterplan Reinventing the business park by developing a new model of living and working… Read More

Clandon Park House

Clandon Park House Sam Jacob Studio, working with Purcell, were shortlisted for the international design… Read More

Thames Nocturne

Thames Nocturne The Thames Nocturne is a proposal for the Illuminated River competition. Our team… Read More