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Disappear Here Edition

Editioned print for RIBA accompanying the exhibition of the same name at the Architecture Gallery. Available here

Disappear Here is a print about how drawings construct space even before they have a subject matter. Its made as an arrangement of different drawings that come together to make a single meta-drawing.

The first is a fluorescent screen printed landscape, a space whose only features are a horizon and a vanishing point, a kind of abstract desert of the baseline of perspectival space. The vanishing point of this drawing exerts it power over the positioning of three other drawings that have been reproduced as postcards.

These drawings by Palladio, Hawksmoor and Goldfinger were drawn in the 16th, 17th and 20th centuries respectively for entirely different reasons and in different ways, yet all obeying the underlying systemic representational rules of perspective.

In Disappear Here, they are placed in relationship to each other and to a wider perspectival framework, breaking the ‘frame’ of each single drawing.

The print – like the exhibition it relates to – explores the power of perspective as a system that goes beyond the organisation of a the space of a single page, suggesting the power that the invention of the vanishing point has had on transforming the organisation of the world beyond the page.

Hand assembled collage on screen-print, A2 (420 x 954 mm)