Things & Objects

SJS design things and objects. Things in their own right as well as  experiments in material, form and use that explore how ideas shape our material world. These have been shown at gallery’s including the Soane Museum, the Graham Foundation, the Aram Gallery and the London Design Festival.

Right: Almost Thonet

Almost Thonet is a hand-sculpted almost-replica of the bentwood Thonet Chair No. 14. It is part of an ongoing series that use objects as a way of thinking about form, material and meaning and the act of remaking as a means of transformation.

The original logic of the chair’s bentwood construction is obliterated by white putty. This reveals its own fabrication process through traces of thumb-marks and fingerprints. The material has a kind of generic non-material materiality which is part of the transformation of the chair into something which has qualities both of a real thing and a model of that thing simultaneously.

Left: Clay Basketball & Neon Hoop

A clay cast of a basketball whose material contradicts the objects expected performance. A neon hoop whose rim has become a fragile sign.

Shown at Image for a Title : Placebo Effects In The Cultural Landscape curated by Workshop for Potential Design at London Design Festival with Paul Elliman, Gemma Holt, Tim Parsons & Jessica Charlesworth, Study O Portable

Right: A False Description of a Thing Destroyed

Created for the exhibition ‘pieces’ at the Soane Museum these objects take fragments of antique ceramic vessels and create contemporary responses to their suggestive form.

Right: Ghost Lamp

Combining high tech material technologies with hand made lacework, Ghost Lamp’s fluid shape and folds are a formed from hard shell of resin-impregnated lace.