Sam Jacob Studio for architecture and design
is a collaborative practice that makes
buildings, places, strategies and objects.

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Desktop Design Academy

Desktop Design Academy #DesktopDesignAcademy What is the Desktop Design Academy? This, like so much else… Read More


Gravestone A design for a gravestone. An everyday informational road sign transformed into a head… Read More

Disappear Here Edition

Disappear Here Edition Editioned print for RIBA accompanying the exhibition of the same name at… Read More

Map And Territory

Map and Territory Drawings of British A roads made on ISO pages of the same… Read More

A Cushion For Charlotte

A Cushion For Charlotte Charlotte Perriand first applied to work for Le Corbusier in 1927.… Read More

Archaeographic House

Archaeographic House The Archaeographic House is formed through the marriage (happy or not) between two… Read More

Blind Spot

Blind Spot An editioned print available from Betts Project  Architectural drawing is a strange and… Read More

Neon Hoop

Neon Hoop Transformed into a loop of neon, the basketball hoop becomes a 1:1 sign… Read More

Inverted Glass House

Inverted Glass House Philip Johnson's Glass House consumed by Poussin's Burial of Phocion. The painting… Read More