People, Places, Things
Sam Jacob Studio for architecture and design
is a collaborative practice that makes
buildings, places, strategies and objects.

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Against Nature

Against Nature   ‘Against Nature,’ was Sam Jacob's second solo exhibition at Betts Project. It… Read More

Alternative Instruments

Alternative Instruments   Alternative Instruments was created for Exhibit Columbus, in Columbus, Indiana. The project… Read More

Summer Awakening

Summer Awakening These three structures rework the ritualistic objects of celebrations and festivals we have… Read More

Stay Together

Stay Together Design at heart is an act that produces community. Though its day to… Read More

Turned Tables

Turned Tables These turned tables in oak and sycamore are differentiated by the distinctive profiles… Read More


RE:Barcelona A remake of Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Chair. These versions use second hand… Read More


Ideas as Things is our studio's diffusion line that turns ideas about architecture into products.… Read More

Fragmented Follies

Fragmented Follies Fragmented Follies is a set of objects that are part landscape, part sculpture,… Read More

Achavanich Beaker Redux

Achavanich Beaker Redux The Achavanich beaker redux is a modern remake of clay beaker found at a Middle Bronze… Read More

Neon Hoop

Neon Hoop Transformed into a loop of neon, the basketball hoop becomes a 1:1 sign… Read More