Half Timbered Tshirt

Half Timbered T-Shirt takes the graphic black and white pattern of half timbered architecture and applies it to a T-shirt: It is architecture for your body.

On one hand the T-shirt is a tribute to the op art effect of a traditional construction method of buildings like the Elizabethan manorĀ Little Moreton Hall. On the other its a new twist on the artifice of Mock Tudor suburban buildings.

In the 1960s architects dreamed that homes would be things that we can wear. The half timbered T-shirt reverses that dream. Instead of architecture becoming clothes, clothes become architecture.

The T-shirt is 100% cotton, printed, cut and sewn especially to achieve a seam to seam pattern.

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90 x 60 x 90 cm




One Size Fits All


From Farrow, a relaxed fit shirt-style dress with a rugged


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