Sam Jacob Studio for architecture and design
is a collaborative practice that makes
buildings, places, strategies and objects.

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Half Timbered T-Shirt

Half Timbered T-Shirt takes the graphic black and white pattern of half timbered architecture and applies it to a T-shirt: Architecture for your body.

£30 Buy here

Column Scarf

Be iconic with our Ionic column scarf. A column is usually solid and structural, something that holds things up. But in scarf form the column becomes soft and floppy.

Who need strong and stable when form becomes warm?

156 cm x 18 cm with 5cm fringe, £30

White on Grey Buy here

Red on Black Buy here

Insulation Scarf

Insulation Scarf takes the universal drawing symbol for insulation and applies it to an actual piece of human insulation: The scarf you wrap around your neck.

167 cm x 17 cm, £30

Black on Grey Buy here

Red on Black Buy here

Scale Bar Scarf

Scale Bar Scarf is a real life scale bar. Escaped from architectural drawing into the world. It’s 2m long, with scale divisions in black and white so you can really size things up.

£30 – Buy Here

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