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The Tribune Tower is an icon of Chicago not just in its built form but as a site of multiple architectural speculations. Unbuilt versions still echo through architectural culture and the standing tower itself is studded with fragments of other buildings, spolia in art historical terms.

SPOLIA TRIBUNA takes the Tribune Tower as a matrix suggesting promiscuous recombinations of existing architectures. It imagines the fragments embedded in the real tower as a possible version of the city, a dream version of Chicago whose abstract grid operates to multiply architectural invention. Combinations of the buildings and places embedded in the real tower are recomposed as hybrids where history, by way of technology, is a springboard for speculation.

Commissioned by Alexander Eisenschmidt & Jonathan Mekinda, it is exhibited as part of the Chicagoisms show at the Art Institute of Chicago alongside Bureau Spectacular, DOGMA, MVDRV, Organization for Permanent Modernity, PORT, Sam Jacob, UrbanLab, Weathers, and WW.