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Twice Removed:
One object, three texts, and fifteen things.

by Sam Jacob Studio
with Alice Rawsthorn, Catherine Ince, Cat Rossi
and Danielle Mimran, Carlotta Jansen, Sara Goldsmith, Charles McLaughlin, Angus Iles, Akil Scafe Smith, Olivia Haylor, Grace Crannis, Christine Bach, Emily Gayer, Steve Sze, Dania Akkad, Elif Ergisi, Aidan Hermans, Sujitha Selvarajah.

Twice Removed is a collection of 15 objects that imagine design as an act of looking rather than invention. Each is an interpretation of an original found object - a carved wooden bowl bought from eBay. This original thing was given to a design critic (Alice Rawsthorn), a curator (Catherine Ince) and an academic (Cat Rossi), each of whom produced a written description of the bowl. These descriptions were then passed to a group of five makers, each in turn producing a new physical object based on their interpretation of the given text, blind to the knowledge of the original object.

The process is based on the ancient Greek tradition of Ekphrasis, where a work of art was produced in another medium as a rhetorical exercise. Here this translation of object to text then back to object, where each iteration is a version of the other.

The project the explores the relationship between objects, description and perception. Which, it asks, is the ‘thing’? The original object? The description of that object? The object made from the description? Or perhaps all of the above?

Are ‘things’ the thing itself? Or are ‘things’ how we see them? Is the authorship of an object contained in the act of making, the act of looking, or in the object itself? Who is the author of design? The designer? The maker? The user?

Traditional ekphrasis was a rhetorical exercise. In this version description becomes generative: The description of a thing producing multiple and varied versions of itself.

Twice Removed is show at Etage Projects, Copenhagen as part of the exhibition XYZ, curated by Workshop for Potential Design


Paul Elliman
Gemma Holt
Sam Jacob
Michael Marriott
Study O Portable
Peter Marigold

A group exhibition about the space between looking and seeing.
Through assumption, misunderstanding and speculation, we make sense of the unfamiliar things that surround us.
The 6 contributions in the exhibition considers the intriguing possibility in the interpretational function of viewing.

From 9th September 2016
Tue - Fri: 11AM - 5PM
Sat: 12AM - 3PM

Etage Projects
Borgergade 15E
DK 1300 Copenhagen