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Half Timbered T-Shirt takes the graphic black and white pattern of half timbered architecture and applies it to a T-shirt: It is architecture for your body.

On one hand the T-shirt is a tribute to the op art effect of a traditional construction method of buildings like the Elizabethan manor Little Moreton Hall. On the other its a new twist on the artifice of Mock Tudor suburban buildings.

In the 1960s architects dreamed that homes would be things that we can wear. The half timbered T-shirt reverses that dream. Instead of architecture becoming clothes, clothes become architecture.

The T-shirt is 100% cotton, printed, cut and sewn especially to achieve a seam to seam pattern.

Half Timbered T is the latest architectural accessory from Sam Jacob Studio that also includes the Insulation Scarf and Plank Scarf that are all part of an ongoing project that explores the relationship between drawings, objects and buildings. They come from the idea that architecture is part of life as much as life is part of architecture.

Available from the SJS store here.